Honestly, the last few years we’ve heard it all before: “sheep folk”, “confetti folk”, “punkfolk”, “folkrock”, “booz folk”, “folkabilly”, “ska folk” and “feastfolk”. We don’t mind, we don’t care how the press and the people in the streets label us. All that matters is the fact that every time we’ve played, Riverflow is still the talk in town and people want us back. But when we meet someone who hasn’t seen us before, it’s difficult to explain what we do on stage and how we sound with these super terms.

We tried to explain this in our former biography, where you could read that we’re inspired by icons such as the MacGowans, Geldofs and Dylans of this world, which can be well heard in our music. We even include quite a few of their classics in our set list. We also mentioned that we supported some top bands on several occasions, like the Dubliners, The Whisky Priests and “Limburg’s best hidden Secret” Rowwen Hèze. Also, we clearly described that we arrange traditional folk tunes in a way you only expect a punkband would do. Of course, our own songs still sound even better. The band’s own songwriters know how to blend the catchy Irish folk with their own musical backgrounds. The party level during our performances go far over any Richter’s scale.

Well, that’s what biographies are for. But we rather hear from you whether what we do has anything to do with folk. That’s the fun part of it. Of course, you are more creative and can come up with something better than “booz folk”, “feastfolk”, “folkrock”…


Paddy Vervoort – Lead vocals

Marcel van Bergen – Vocals, banjo and guitar

Marc Holtman – Accordion, vocals and screams

Ron Spee – Vocals, guitar, banjo and fiddle

Tim van den Hombergh – Tin whistle

Stefan den Ouden – Bass guitar